This is a timber creative piece that’s a little different and may appeal to the insect enthusiast among us!

Wētāpunga is New Zealand’s giant Wētā species and the biggest of this type.

When fully grown they can even be heavier than a mouse or sparrow.

During the day they usually hide in dead foliage such as the drooping dead fronds of tree ferns, nīkau palms or cabbage trees.

This was CNC carved in a piece of Coromandel Kauri where we recycled from the river in Hikuai.

This piece of Kauri has come down in a flood seasoned or dryed over 2-3 years.

Many wētā species are now endangered so with this in mind, it’s very important we look after them.

This creative timber piece took 25 hours non-stop to create.

It measures: 600mm wide x 550mm high x 48mm thick

“No trees were felled or harmed in the creation of this original one-off Artwork”


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